LSU Computer Society

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We will be holding a General Meeting in J002 at 18.00 - 19.30 on the 28th October. This will also be to host the talks for the Vice Gaming Officer and Vice Technical Officer elections. Voting will take place online afterwards. A link will be provided at the time.

Details of the role and guidelines on how to apply can be in this subforum:

Hope to see lots of you there!
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On Tuesday we will be going to Amber Rooms in Loughborough for our weekly social. We will be meeting in Amber rooms at around 7:30pm. We usually eat, drink and just hang out and get to know everyone at this social. A lot if you will have Wetherspoons vouchers to use at this event so make sure you bring them! See you all Tuesday!

In case anyone doesn't know where The Amber Rooms is, or wants someone to walk to town from campus with, we will be meeting people outside JC's at 7pm, and leaving to walk to town at 7:15pm.
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Committee Meeting in the Library Meeting Room 4A at 4pm to discuss LAN47.

Laser quest should have already been almost completely organised by this date.
Other things to discuss include whiteboard social and christmas meal.
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Come join LSUCS for Monday Night Gaming at 8pm. Each week a game will be chosen for us to play, with servers available as necessary.

This weeks game will be Garry's Mod: TTT. Available from steam here:

Come join us on mumble here.

The server info is Server Password is lsucs. You may have to suscribe to certain maps within the workshop (including ttt_minecraft_b5) in order to connect.
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200 Tickets, 45 hours of LAN time, lots of tournaments and it is FREE for 2014-15 members!!

Our first big LAN of the year will be taking place at the end of October in James France Exhibition Hall. As usual there will be hot dogs on Friday night and also a big pizza and chip shop order on Saturday night, just before the Pub Quiz!

Tournaments will run over the duration of the weekend and these are aimed at all abilities, with some for single player and some co-op events. There will be prizes awarded at the farewell talk, and then you are all invited across to Amber Rooms on Sunday for post LAN dinner!

A LAN Van will be available to book, which will collect your PC from halls or houses in the Loughborough area on the Friday before the event, and then dropped off after the LAN ends.

All details will be on the LAN website at and tickets will be available from Monday 6th October.

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