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Stash orders are now open! They'll stay open until the 28th April, the first Tuesday back after Easter. You can satisfy all your stash needs here:

They'll be available for collection at LAN, so even more reason to attend. But we'll also bring them to steak night if you won't be at LAN.
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The last LAN of the year will be our traditional Formal LAN, one of the biggest and best of the year. It'll even feature the return of James France as our venue!

We're also going to be mixing up tournaments a bit with the e-lympics, something built out of feedback from previous tournaments. And we'll even be running some more traditional games which we'd like your input on, so please make suggestions and vote on this thread:

Y'all can buy tickets here:
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Taking place on the 29th of March in the LSU, NUEL Live promises to be the biggest League of Legends viewing party in the UK. The event is going to be huge! With a possible 200-600 people all gathering to watch the final of the LCS tournament, the schedule for the LCS can be found here.

Through out the day ticket holders will have chance to compete against other NUEL attendees, on especially provided PCs, with the chance to win an Overclocker's mouse pad. Overclockers will also be hosting a store, with opportunities to pick up discounts on various items across their shop.

NUEL will also be hosting an All Stars tournament, and will be hosting the final of the National Championship final between Birmingham Storm and Nottingham Bears. An after party will then take place, using the full extent of the union's facilities, all with student prices.

More information on the event can be found...
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Just a quick head's up that the forum upgrade has happened and we're running on 1.4.5 now, there were a few compatability issues but nothing too severe, the theme played nice too which is a bonus.
I have tested it and run checks to see if anything huge as been affected and anything that was has been fixed but if I've missed anything (I am human after all) and someone runs across an error, small or huge, do either PM me or post a thread and I'll look into it ASAP.

Thanks for your patience guys! I'm looking forward to sharing some super cool new features I have planned soon too! <3
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Hello everyone, this thread is going to be covering Monday Night Gaming for my reign as king time as GO.

This week's game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, found on Steam here. Chivalry will also be featured in the E-Lympics at formal LAN, so this might be a good chance for you to try out the game.


To keep up to date with MNG every week, follow this thread and join the Steam group.

Server details:

Come join us on mumble here.

The server details are: password lsucs