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We will once again descend upon the Village Bar for our first Console Night of the year! Entry is free, we provide all the equipment and its a completely private venue. The bar will be open and hot food is available as well. We'll have a variety of consoles, old and new, with a bunch of different games ready to go. If you want to bring your own games then feel free, we'll be sure to have some labelling system to avoid confusion.

Then after a few hours chilling out and playing some games, we'll head out to FND for an amazing LSUCS night out.
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Agenda for the meeting 10/10/2015:

Agenda for the Committee Meeting 10/10/2015
15:00 Committee Meeting, Group Study Room 4C

Attendees and Apologies

Previous Meeting’s Actions

TO Vacancy

Finances & Stock

dr pepper and purple monster munch pls IRN BRU

Future Events

Fresher’s Events:
Laser Quest (16th)

Fresher’s LAN 53 (23rd)
LAN Van and Tuckshop

League Worlds Final Viewing Party

Any Other Business

All Actions

Meeting ended at

Next meeting

Normal members are free to join the meeting
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A few of you lovely freshlings have asked me about SGC teams, so if you're interested post here with your in game name and a preferred role, second preferred role and if there's any that you reeeally don't wanna play.

Hopefully everyone who wants to play will be able to, up to 7 people to one team (2 subs, can rotate so everyone gets to play)

Will just leave a template in case.

Name: Slim Shady
Prefer: Jungle
Second: Mid
Do not want: Support

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Come along to this years freshers laser quest! This event is always popular as we head over to Leicester for our anual laser quest fun. Laser quest will officially start at 9pm, and we have the entire arena to ourselves, however those wanting to catch the bus can meet committee at two different times to get into Leicester:

If you want steak in the spoons in Leicester, then be outside McDonalds (in the square in town) at 17:50 ready to catch the 18:15 bus to Leicester from baxter gate stop.

If you don't want steak and just want laser quest, be at McDonals at 19:45 ready to catch the 20:07 bus to Leicester from baxter gate stop.

Tickets now available on the stash site: Remember, this doesn't include bus fare, which is around £6 for a return ticket.
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Its that time of year again folks, time we raked in all that delicious, delicious money and run away with it and use it for the betterment of the society. Buying membership is real easy just go to: and there should be a button, if there isn't a button try signing in.

Once that is done go to the membership registration thread and follow these handy instructions: and then we activate your forum account and you can enjoy the drama (or silence, there's really only two options on here).