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by Chris Rattray at 6:55 PM
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So the time has come and it is here.
18 holes of fun and loads of alcohol.

This will happen on Saturday June 20th after exams.
We want everyone to make it around this course and the aim of the game is to make par or to drink more than required at each hole.

The Rules:
Weaker Shot eg corki's = 0.5
Shot = 1
Single+Mixer or VS or Bottle of Beer = 1
Double+Mixer or Pint = 2
Strong pint above 5.5 ABV = 3
Pitcher = 4
Pitcher and an additional shot =5

Failure to do the Hole in the correct amount of sips scores 0 for that hole.
Spilling any alcohol induces a -1 for that hole
Not getting surved cancles the Hole's Par and take away 2 from your total amount drank.
Throwing up takes away 5 from total amount drank.

Holes 1-9 starting at midday Saturday including a lunch stop.

1. JC's - Par 2 - 90 minutes - 12:00-13:30 ( Pub quiz)
2. Paget Arms - Par 0.5 - 15 minutes - 13:45-14:00 ( Number of sips =1)
3. Generous Britain - Par 2 - 30 minutes - 14:00-14:30
4. The...
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Agenda for the Committee Meeting 20/05/2015
16:00 Pilkington Library, Group Study Room 4D

Attendees: Abby, Dan, Tom, Tim, Chris, Harry, Will, Lin
Apologies: Kierran
Quorum is present: 8/9

Previous Meeting’s Actions
Abby –
contact Real History society as they have expressed an interest in the draft - done
Abby – email RAWs confirming DnD sessions and timings for the MTG draft - done
Abby - Buy some board games for formal LAN - done
Abby – buy raffle prizes - done
Lin – Find a sturdier not money box and buy one – not done
Chris – look into getting JCs toward the end of term, and put together a rough pub golf route - done
Dan – find case stickers for LAN, look to design/printing services for help – not done, Abby bought sand animalz instead
Dan – pick up remaining prizes for the E-lympics - done
Harry – make sure BBQ grills and implements are purchased - done
Harry –...
by SissyRabbit at 8:48 PM
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With the meeting tomorrow committee will have a discussion about our terms, and other such stuff that needs updating (such as LAN rules and the LAN website). The fact that I found the wrong set of terms is enough reason for us to make sure they're properly drawn out and decided upon, and it makes sense for all this to be sorted ready for fresher's, as new people will be posting and we need to make sure they're treated properly, and they treat other people properly, as I know many people have little to no experience when it comes to forums. (Runescape forums don't count)

Here are the current terms (ty lukas, it's bad i didn't find the right ones)

and the one's that come with the website

ty and discuss!

edit: also here are LAN rules too
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Committee meeting to discuss Formal LAN Feedback, post-exam pub crawl, Summer LAN and to begin preparations for next year.

Full agenda will go up shortly. Note the room is 4D not the usual 4A.
by Plaeto at 11:23 AM
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The last LAN of the year will be our traditional Formal LAN, one of the biggest and best of the year. It'll even feature the return of James France as our venue!

We're also going to be mixing up tournaments a bit with the e-lympics, something built out of feedback from previous tournaments. And we'll even be running some more traditional games which we'd like your input on, so please make suggestions and vote on this thread:

Y'all can buy tickets here: