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Planning this pretty early just so I remember the date.

Will book a room and do an agenda closer to the time.
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Minutes for Committee Meeting 21/01/2015
16.00 Pilkington Library, Group Study Room 4A

Michael, Harry, Chris, Kane, Kristian, Dan, Kierran.

Apologies: Ben, Steve.

Quorum is present (7/9)

Previous Meeting Actions

Mike –
to find inventories – due by end of Christmas break – Done, inventories outdated.
Mike – to chase up union on missing membership- ongoing – still ongoing.
Mike – to discuss with Miles and Ian how much would be a reasonable spend for router upgrades – ongoing – still ongoing.
Mike – to cash cheques for server cabinet - due by end of Christmas break – Done.
Harry – to print inventories – due by end of Christmas break. – Not Received.
Harry – to print score cards - due by Friday. – Done.
Chris – to write members cheques for what they’re owed – due at end of meeting. -Done
Chris – to write a cheque for our charitable donation to Charles – due at end of meeting. – Not Done....
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Console Night is happening in the Village Bar on Friday 30th January!

This is just over a week away, which is after everyone's exams - so there will be no excuses.

Turn up to the Village Bar at 8pm for a fun filled night with many games both new and old.
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Charity LAN will be taking place in the Clyde Williams Building.

The Charity that we will be donating to will be voted on shortly. Please make suggestions in this thread:

Charity events will be organised soon. You are more than welcome to organise and run your own also - please let us know what you're doing so we can help! The LAN50 forum will go up a couple of weeks before the event. Charity things go here.

All money from tickets will be donated to charity. As a result of this there will be no freeby, however tickets will remain at normal price. Additionally you can pay more for your ticket if you wish, as it's a donation.

9pm timing is only rough right now.

Can't seem to get the map to work properly, so this is probably better guidance:
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Sucks to have one in the middle of exams, but we need a committee meeting for Console Night (don't want a repeat of last time).

Also will be a new year finance review, and an assessment of what's happening for the next two LANs (details will be announced soon, hopefully before this meeting).

Agenda up soon. Will book a room tomorrow as it would appear that you can no longer book rooms with >1week notice.

Edit: Room is 4A