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Our last LAN of the year, and one of our biggest and best! We will be returning to James France ready for our traditional Formal LAN once again, including cake and lots of BBQ food.

LAN will be taking place over the weekend of May 4th-6th, so make sure to grab your ticket! Tickets will be priced at £11 for LSUCS members and £16 for non-members, visitor tickets are also available for those wanting to attend LAN without a console or computer for £5.

Of course, it wouldn't be a LAN without our normal tournaments, Pub Quiz, board games, MtG draft, DnD one-shots and Werewolves! Watch this space for tournament information coming soon.

Make sure to prepare your best suit or dress, as it wouldn’t be formal LAN without our society photo with all our lovely members ♥

If you need a bite to eat at LAN, our on-site LAN tuck shop can meet all your snacking needs! We’ll also have free hot dogs on Friday, a fish & chips and Domino’s order on...
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Agenda for Committee Meeting

Date: 20-04-18
Time: 6pm
Location: Library 4A/outside if nice


Previous Meeting Actions:

Name Description Timeframe
Will T Email Giulia with names and B-Numbers of Luke, Matt and Chris for food hygiene course Asap
Will T Finish off other handover guides. Soon
Will T Sort MNG banner Pre MNG
Will T Forward cake email to someone on new committee to sort Soon
Will T/new chair Book console night venue. Soon
Chris Look into card reader for food orders. Soon
Alex S and Kareem Make Quiz Before...
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Minutes for LAN Feedback Meeting

Date: 15-04-18
Time: 4pm
Location: Library 4A


· William Thorpe / @MrRibena – Chair
· Kareem Ahmed / @Kareem Ahmed – Gaming Officer
· Lloyd Pares / @Corelli – Secretary
· Alex Shtefan / @Pluffinator - Gaming Officer
· Matt Lilley / @Matt Lilley - Events and Social Officer
· Chris Allen / @Christopher Allen - Treasurer
· Luke Whitehead / @Greedylax - Vice Chair


· Will Jervis / @WillJ – Media and Publicity Officer
· Will Obiri-Danso /...
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Agenda for LAN Feedback Meeting

Date: 15-04-18

Time: 4pm

Location: Library 4A



Previous Meeting Actions:

Name Description Timeframe
Some Committee Complete food hygiene course Before formal LAN
Will T Badger Sam to get Will J everyone lsu site admin. Once Sam is back after Easter weekend.
Will J Update LSU site Once Will T has badgered Sam.
Alex B Chase up email permissions Over the next few years.
Alex S Stay on top of Vive repair, keep badgering company At some point
Max Make New Logo Before freshers
Someone Buy elgato capture...
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Hey all.

Hope everyone is looking forward to Easter LAN which is coming up this Friday!

Just posting to let everyone know that we have an EGM coming up scheduled for April 17th. The hope of the EGM is to get a new Chair voted in.

There will be a forum post put up about a week before where people can nominate themselves and be seconded for running for the position of Chair, then add a manifesto.

Happy Easter All!