LSU Computer Society

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Interested in joining or getting involved in the society? We're hosting an evening of introductions and meet and greet, for all freshers and returners for LSUCS. We'll be in the new John Cooper bar in the union from 8pm, so feel free to come have a chat, and of course a few drinks.

After meeting in JCs for a few hours we will move upstairs to Stupid Tuesday to show you a good night out with our society.

Returners are welcome to go to Amber Rooms as normal, they'll have some tables set up in our spot. However, anyone wishing for food is welcome to come along to JCs earlier, they serve food until 8pm!
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Happy to announce dates for all three of our LANs in the first semester, as follows:
  • Fresher's LAN 59 - 28th-30th October
  • LAN 60 - 18th-20th November
  • Christmas LAN 61 - 9th-11th December
So get your time off work, mark your calendars, and start getting hyped!
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Steak night is our weekly pub social in town! Every Tuesday (as tradition) we trek down for steak night in Amber Rooms in the centre of town, typically starting around 7/7:30. Come along for cheap food and drinks, as well as a chance to chill and chat with your fellows members.

As it's a Tuesday they're meal deals on for steak dishes, however the full Weatherspoons menu is available.
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Monday Night Gaming is an online gaming event where the society comes together to play games! Whether we're playing pre-organised games, or to chilling and playing whatever, MNG is always a load of fun.

Feel free to come along, just join our Discord server at around 8pm, there you'll find a Monday Night Gaming channel ready for us to chat and decide what to play. We'll also be running themed MNGs through out the year, so feel free to request a game! We'll normally run events for game releases to satisfy the hype.

Here's the Discord, feel free to join:

The Discord is always open, so go ahead and join, there's normally a few people in channels looking for games!

See you all Monday!
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Agenda for the Committee Meeting 10/08/2016 15:00
Discord Meeting

Attendees and Apologies

Previous Meeting’s Actions
- Write a quiz for summer LAN
Abby - book JC's for Intros
Abby - organise ticketing for Laser Quest on LSU website
Abby - book a room for GM and buy Haribo
Chris - Organise Laser Quest. Abby can help with buses again as they’re confusing (1 early bus for food - 1 late bus direct)
Chris - Laser Quest - try to get a food/drinks deal if possible
Chris - think about an event afterwards (pub crawl)
Chris - get the banner before the JC's event
Chris - organise zorb football
Deniz/Fluff - buy replacement cushions for Vive in time for Bazaar
Deniz/Fluff - Buy PA system (QTX QR12PA) before freshers LAN 59
Deniz/Fluff - Notify LAN attendees on steps to obtain Wifi/tell them we won't have our own
Deniz/Fluff/Wei/Alex - write a...