Past Agenda for Committee Meeting 11-10-17

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    Agenda for Committee Meeting
    Time: 18.30
    Location: Library Group Study Room 4A



    Previous Meeting’s Actions:

    Name Description Timeframe
    Will Pay Brett By Friday
    Will Go see Sam for Snapchat By Fresher's LAN
    Will Update the wiki Ongoing
    Will Carry on talking to George Storm Next few days
    Will Email upcoming events today [DONE]
    Will Make Prize thread Next few days
    Will Get in contact with DMU Next few weeks
    Will Put up forum for LAN and event up [DONE]
    Vinay Call Mcdonalds about Sunday trial By Fresher's LAN
    Vinay Call Dominos about deal By Freshers LAN
    Vinay Publish food list to members [DONE]
    Vinay Put some Not Money into Internal Over the next few weeks
    Vinay Organise Stash After Freshers LAN
    Kareem Promote NUEL on Freshers group [DONE]
    Kareem Copy info into NUEL groups Next few days
    Kareem Draft a NUEL Handbook Over the next few weeks
    Kareem Organise NUEL teams and signups By the Deadline.
    Kareem/Jakub Make a Grant Claim Next few days
    Kareem Organise MNG for the 9th October Next few days
    Edward Organise and promote Fireside Gatherings By 17th October
    Jakub Test WAPs Next few weeks
    Jakub Continue to document stuff in the Tech Handbook Ongoing
    Jakub Create a new Power Diagram By Freshers LAN
    Jakub Buy two switches Next few days
    Peter Reply to stuff Next few days
    Peter Restock Sec box Next few days
    Louis Add channel statistics to Botty Next few weeks


    • Internal Statement:
    • Paypal:
    • Not Money:

    Tech Stuff:

    • WAPs

    Gaming Stuff:

    • NUEL

    Past Events:

    Console Night

    Freshers Steak Night

    Future Events:

    Laser Quest


    Fireside Gathering


    • Blade Runner

    Freshers LAN
    • Timetable
    • New event ideas
    • Prizes
    • LAN Tournaments
    • Food
    • Werewolves
    • Quiz
    • RAWS
    • Redbull
    • LAN Van
    • Scalectrix

    Other Business:
    • Nuel Rep position
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