Past Agenda for Committee Meeting 4-10-17

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    Agenda for Committee Meting

    Date: 4-10-17
    Time: 18:00
    Location: Library Study Room 4B


    Previous Meeting Actions:

    Name Action Timeframe
    Will (/Kareem/Peter) Draft the Risk assessment for the Vive and send to Kareem/Peter. By the 26th September.
    Will/Edward Look into printing handouts, and print some. Over the next week.
    Will/Edward/Louis Create some new banners for the society. Over the next few weeks.
    Will/Vinay Visit JC’s to confirm Meet n Greet. Before Bazaar.
    Will Visit the Village Bar to confirm and check the details for console night. Before Bazaar.
    Will Continue to talk with Barnie to iron out any potential collaborations. Ongoing throughout Freshers.
    Will/Edward Continue to advertise/spam Fresher’s groups and departmental groups Until Bazaar
    Will/Kareem Talk to CompSci about a ‘collab’ of some sort. Before Bazaar.
    Will Talk with Fluff to organise Fresher’s LAN Van. Over the next few weeks.
    Will/Vinay Chase up new Van driver training. Over the next few weeks.
    Will/Edward Look into getting sponsorships. Over the next few weeks.
    Will Look into getting the Union snapchat for Freshers LAN. Over the next few weeks.
    Kareem Decide what game to run for the 1st MNG. Make and publicise the event for it. By the 26th September.
    Kareem Continue to look for games for LANBox. Buy some. Over the next few weeks.
    Kareem Try out some more Vive games and see what the best ones are. By the 26th September.
    Kareem/Arya Advertise and promote NUEL and its tournaments. Throughout Freshers.
    Kareem Keep Alex Beaty informed of what he’s doing and when for PAT testing transport. Before Bazaar.
    Kareem Make a grab list and plan for Console night. Before Console Night.
    Louis Make a presentation for Fresher’s LAN Not Done. Belowed.
    Jakub Buy WAPs and try to make them work. Before Fresher’s LAN.
    Jakub Double check power diagram in JF for rows i/j. Before Fresher’s LAN.
    Vinay Make sure the NVA payment goes through. Before Bazaar.
    Vinay Look into possibilities for the LAN breakfast. Over the next few weeks.
    Vinay Talk to Dominos to iron out a new deal. Over the next few weeks.
    Vinay Start making a buy list for tuck shop. Put this on the forums Over the next few weeks.
    Any committee member Decide who is going to take charge of Fireside Gatherings and start putting a plan together for it. Over the next few weeks.
    Any committee member Pick up Wetherspoons vouchers at Returner’s Steak Night. At Returner’s Steak Night.
    Any Committee member Take laptops / chargers / tablets to PAT testing sessions. 25th or 26th of September.
    Any committee member Advertise according to the advertising plan. Throughout Freshers.
    Kareem/Jakub/Will Continue updating gaming asset list, tech and general/asset list aspects of the wiki respectively Next few weeks/months.

    Internal Statement:
    Not Money:​

    • Stash
    • Grant paybacks

    Tech Stuff

    • WAPs

    Gaming Stuff

    • NUEL
    • Vive Games
    • LANBox Games

    Other Business

    • Overclockers @LAN
    • NVA
    • Visitor Tickets
    • Fresher's LAN free with Membership vs. first LAN free with membership
    • Marrow Collab
    • Post grad research help
    • Various handouts/Storage

    Past Events

    • Bazaar
    • MNG
    • Meet n Greet

    Future Events
    Console Night
    • What monitors? How many?
    • Ideas

    Fresher’s Steak Night

    Laser Quest
    • Final Payments?
    • Travel/Food?
    Weekend Gaming (19-21 Oct)

    Fresher’s LAN
    • Venue: James France
    • LAN Van: Fluff, van has been booked. Other drivers ready to be trained.
    • No Seat Booking
    • We will be doing Slice and Food orders as usual.
    • Quiz by Kareem (and Jakub)
    • Boardgames/Draft/D&D as usual
    • Werewolves as usual
    • Prizes
    • Costume Contest
    • Sunday Food trial?
    If anyone has something to suggest or wants us to talk about, feel free to comment it below!

    Also, @everyone, if you guys want to come and watch us talk about the society for an hour, feel free to pop along!
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