Minutes for Committee Meeting 11-10-17

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    Minutes for Committee Meeting
    Time: 18.30 Meeting Started: 18.37
    Location: Library Group Study Room 4A



    • Arya Aditya / @Arya – Vice Gaming Officer

    Previous Meeting’s Actions:

    Name Description Result
    Will Pay Brett Done. Will’s got the invoice.
    Will Go see Sam for Snapchat Ed went in. Sam took him to Marketing Jo, who will email us nearer to Freshers LAN about the snapchat. We’ll inquire if we don’t hear anything.
    Will Update the wiki Not done. Ongoing. Kareem added some things to the wiki and asset lists (the Vive). Jakub to go through and correct typos.
    Will Carry on talking to George Storm Will talked to George at Steak Night, everything is going well. Next step is to talk to Sam about the liquid nitrogen, in the hopes he has insight into if there’s a solution.
    Will Email upcoming events today [DONE]
    Will Make Prize thread Done. Committee will look through and make sure it’s a good, varied selection.
    Will Get in contact with DMU Not done yet. Kareem is happy to help Will get in touch with both of DMU’s gaming societies. Either way, belowed, and to be done before LAN.
    Will Put up forum for LAN and event up [DONE]
    Vinay Call Mcdonalds about Sunday trial Not done. Belowed.
    Vinay Call Dominos about deal Not Done. Belowed.
    Vinay Publish food list to members [DONE]
    Vinay Put some Not Money into Internal Done. Still a nice-size float, with plenty of the smaller denominations we need to give change out.
    Vinay Organise Stash Not Done. Belowed for after Freshers LAN.
    Kareem Promote NUEL on Freshers group [DONE]
    Kareem Copy info into NUEL groups Done.
    Kareem Draft a NUEL Handbook Not Done. Belowed for by Handover.
    Kareem Organise NUEL teams and signups Done. Talked about more below.
    Kareem/Jakub Make a Grant Claim Done and submitted.
    Kareem Organise MNG for the 9th October Done.
    Edward Organise and promote Fireside Gatherings Talked about below.
    Jakub Test WAPs Not Done. Belowed for by Fresher’s LAN.
    Jakub Continue to document stuff in the Tech Handbook Ongoing
    Jakub Create a new Power Diagram Not Done. Jakub hopes to do it by Saturday. Belowed.
    Jakub Buy two switches Not Done as they are too expensive. Jakub to look into any potential alternatives.
    Peter Reply to stuff Not done. Belowed.
    Peter Restock Sec box Not done. Belowed.
    Louis Add channel statistics to Botty Done.
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    • Internal Statement: £899.55
    • Paypal: £9.60
    • Not Money: £113.00
    There’s still some old pound coins in not money, so Vinay to sort those out before Freshers LAN.

    Tech Stuff:

    • The WAPs haven’t been tested yet, as Jakub’s been very busy this past week – this isn’t a problem, though, as we only need to do it before LAN.
    • Jakub’s been looking into email permissions, as some of them don’t seem quite right – particularly the fact that former secretary @SissyRabbit can still send emails as secretary@lsucs.org.uk. Jakub will continue chasing this up.
    • Louis and Jakub will both try and find our Nintendo ID password as well.

    Gaming Stuff:

    • Fistful of Frags went really well, again – with a peak of 35 people playing. Kareem felt like it was good, but the game wasn’t quite as good as Double Action Boogaloo, but only slightly.
    • Last week we got 39 people, this week we got 35 – it seems our MNGs are pretty popular.
    • Tribes: Ascend – next week’s MNG. We’re picking another FPS mainly because they’re good for what we need (large servers and very cheap/free-to-play). We do have other ideas, but they’re more suited to smaller games, with 8-12 player servers rather than 32. We may reach out to members in the coming weeks for more suggestions. We ideally do need a bit more variety rather than FPS, but for now we think it’s fine.

    • For now, MNGs are being streamed – the LSUCS admin account on Discord will be streaming to Twitch, so feel free to watch!

    • League of Legends teams were sorted out very quickly and well – thanks to Richard (@yeoldsmithy). We are currently at 4 LoL teams, which is great!

    • Overwatch teams were largely organised by Major_Tom, with an 8pm trial session held last night. Thanks for sorting it out!

    • CS:GO teams took a tad more work, as Kareem’s CS:GO contact effectively stonewalled him. Thanks to Adam (@ADD) for stepping in and helping to organise teams.

    • Signups end this weekend.

    Past Events:

    Console Night

    • Really successful night, every table was in use for the majority of the evening. The manager said it was ‘one of the busiest nights they’ve seen’.

    • Set up/down was good – using two cars worked well, however communication with drivers could have been improved and done earlier.

    • Food was convenient.

    • Quiplash on the projector worked well. We’ll almost definitely set that up again in future.

    • Rockband had a lot of space,and so nexttime we might try splitting the traditional ‘rock band area’ into two, with space for perhaps another console.

    • Ed to put pictures up.

    Freshers Steak Night

    • It was very very busy, which was great – we hope to have that many people often.

    • It was slightly annoying that the tables were organised in two long rows, which made there little space for large groups of freshers (thanks to the Office Chair Racers for relocating to make space). That said we managed to get all the Returners seated in the end, which was good.

    • The Manager was fine with the busy-ness, so all is good on that front.
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    Future Events:

    Laser Quest

    • 20 tickets sold so far, without committee – should be almost 30, which is great as we make even with the price.
    • Vinay to refund Reakkor’s ticket.


    • Tribes: Ascend – next week’s MNG.
    • We’re picking another FPS mainly because they’re good for what we need (large servers and very cheap/free-to-play). We do have other ideas, but they’re more suited to smaller games, with 8-12 player servers rather than 32. We may reach out to members in the coming weeks for more suggestions.
    • We ideally do need a bit more variety rather than FPS, but for now we think it’s fine.
    Fireside Gathering
    • Our first Fireside Gathering is next Tuesday 17th at Wetherspoons. It will be running alongside Steak Night,

    • There is a new skin for players who do a Fireside Gathering this month, which is great.

    • Ed to make the event and banner, ASAP.

    • We probably won’t run FSGs at LAN for now, unless there’s a Hearthstone tournament or other relevant event. This is mainly because randomers could walk into LSUCS LAN because official FSGs are made public.

    • Blade Runner
    • Friday 20th. Be there or be an android.
    • Anni to organise.

    Freshers LAN


    New event ideas

    • Since deciding not to do the costume contest, it’s been brought to our attention that it feels as if we’re taking things away whilst not adding anything to take its place, all while having more expensive tickets. As a result, we’ve come up with a number of new events to not only take the costume contests place, but to add to Freshers LAN and make it filled with events and tournaments to try out. We're also wanting to add an event or two that is more personal to the our committee.

    • 1000 Blank white cards is a card game akin to Sopio, mixed with Cards Against Humanity and Quiplash. You write your own cards to try and give yourself the most points. Each round the game-breaking cards are destroyed, and everyone makes more cards. As the game goes along, the cards you create will likely become more devious and clever – eg. “For every ‘the’ there is on the table, give yourself 50 points”, or “Counter the ‘Kareem’ Card and give yourself 100 points.” It has great promise, and Will wants to trial it at Freshers LAN, around 3pm on Saturday (though it is fairly flexible, so will work around Kareem’s tournaments).
    Couch Competition is something we’re hoping to make a LAN staple, if it’s successful. It will be an hour tournament based entirely on local co-op/multiplayer games, such as Stick Fight, and Speedrunners. Timing is currently flexible, and will be ironed out at the meeting next week. Will needs to fully refine the idea, but this is as it is atm:
    • 2v2 Overcooked Couch Competition. Enter as a pair, or individually. Bake some goodies and steal some of your opponents. High scorers win Tier 3 Prizes.
    Other ideas that won’t be happening at Freshers LAN are:

    • Cake Contest

    • Inktober Gallery

    • A Polish card game made by Jakub’s friend – it would need to be translated and prepared, but is apparently great fun.
    LAN Tournaments

    • Tournament threads have been posted to the forums. Iron LAN thread is particularly needed, as most Freshers won’t know what IronLAN is or how it works. Kareem to put in tournament timings inot the LAN timetable.

    • Vive is ready to go – Superhot was completed yesterday, so Kareem can now choose what levels to do etc. Kareem to find out what the best endless level is. At LAN, the Vive will be by the café area, and Peter will be the one to supervise, mainly. We still have plenty of pads to prevent pink eye.
    • Vinay to phone up nearer the time.

    Werewolves & Quiz
    • Get threads up. The idea of random teams at the quiz was brought up and instantly rejected. It would break up any fresher groups that we hope will form. and returners would hate it.

    • RAWS are having a meeting on Saturday, and the results of that will be brought up at next meeting.


    • Will to meet with James Rix, Redbull Rep.

    LAN Van

    • Locations need to be organised/finalise/publicised
    • Zack is trained, thanks :D
    • Matt wants to train when the next session comes up – cheers


    • We were asked about the possibility of letting Zack Pollard and James Hilton set up Scalectrix in a D room. This is not an issue – they’re free to do it.


    • TechSoc approached us about running something at Freshers LAN. However, due to space and an already busy weekend, we feel that we can’t give them the space they wanted (café area that’s being used for the Vive) or publicity. If they’re happy to do something in a D room, we’re happy to oblige. We’re happy to let them run something at a later LAN as well, if they prefer that. Will/Jakub to tell them.

    Other Business:

    • ‘Angry react’ or ‘dislike’ button on the forums, but only for Kareem. Jakub will play around in his free time – low priority.
    • We’ll be changing the Twitter password and committee will be making an effort to post, retweet and share information using the platform. Thanks to @SissyRabbit for running the Twitter up to this point. The Facebook and Twitter have been successfully linked apart from photo sharing, enabling Facebook posts to be posted/linked on Twitter.
    Proposal: NUEL/esports position added to the LSUCS committee.

    This year, we’ve seen loads of people interested and involved in NUEL and other esports. So far Kareem has been doing a great job organising and advertising NUEL, but it’s a large task, and is enough to split between two people. Thanks to a suggestion from @SissyRabbit, we’ve got the idea of adding a new position to the committee. These were the responsibilities discussed last night, and the idea will be fleshed out more, before being talked about at our next General Meeting.


    · Oversee esports at Loughborough.

    · Help organise teams and games for each tournament.

    · Advertise NUEL and other esports to students.

    · Keep in contact with NUEL and other University esports bodies.

    · Control and admin the society’s esport social media groups.

    · Organise trips/viewings of various esports events.

    This is a position which committee unanimously agrees that it needs. There was lengthy debate, though, about whether three positions (GO, VGO, NUEL rep) were needed. The ensuing debate boiled down to three core ideas:

    1. The NUEL rep is made an entirely new position. The VGO position is kept as a half-year training position.

    2. The VGO takes on the responsibilities now, and then in March we change VGO into a year-long NUEL rep position, and ‘discontinue’ the VGO role.

    3. The GO takes on the responsibilities, and as a result gives more responsibility to the VGO, so that neither person is doing too much or too little.

    The meat of the discussion came from the current situation around the GO and the VGO. It’s unfortunate that our current VGO was absent in the meeting. That said, Arya, our VGO, has very little to do, and often doesn’t have much to contribute, so meetings can be tedious. However, is this because the VGO role largely has not much to do, or is it because of the way that Kareem is doing so much as GO?

    The VGO has less to do now than a few years ago, when knowledge of setting up servers was more sought-after – however now it’s simpler to set up servers, the VGO is more a role that runs a tournament or two and gets an insight into how committee works. There’s a history of the VGO going into GO, so there could be value into the position. This year, Kareem was elected GO without any prior committee experience and is doing an excellent job as GO. However, the teamwork between the GO and the VGO has somewhat been lacking.

    1. A preliminary vote showed that committee feel there is work to be done with the GO and VGO positions, and so a NUEL rep’s responsibilities could well be worked in. More discussion and opinion is needed, and so I will be making a separate thread to discuss the position and any thoughts anyone has.
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    Name Description Result
    Will Talk to Sam about Liquid Nitrogen. Next few weeks.
    Will Update the wiki. Ongoing.
    Will Contact the DMUs gaming socs. Over the next week.
    Will Refine Couch competition and 100 Blank cards and put on Timetable for initial timetable Over the next week.
    Will Meet Redbull rep Over the next week.
    Edward Put Console Nights/Steak Night photos up. Over the next few days.
    Edward Create and publicise Events and Banner for FSG ASAP.
    Vinay Refund James Bentley Over the next few days.
    Vinay Get Trunking Before Freshers LAN
    Vinay Sort old Pound coins out of Not Money Before Freshers LAN
    Vinay Call Mcdonalds about Sunday trial By Fresher's LAN
    Vinay Call Dominos about deal By Freshers LAN
    Vinay Organise Stash After Freshers LAN
    Kareem Put LAN tournaments on the Timetable Over the next week.
    Kareem Draft a NUEL Handbook By Handover
    Edward Organise and promote Fireside Gatherings By 17th October
    Jakub Test WAPs Next few weeks
    Jakub Continue to document stuff in the Tech Handbook Ongoing
    Jakub Chase up email permissions Next few weeks
    Jakub Play around with the forums to make the 'like' button an 'angery' react or dislike. Whenever.
    Jakub Create a new Power Diagram By Freshers LAN
    Jakub Buy two switches Next few days
    Peter Reply to stuff Next few days
    Peter Restock Sec box Next few days
    Anni Organise Movie trip to Blade Runner Next few days.

    Meeting Closed: 20.33
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    Discord Community Manager has reached out and they're currently "on the hunt for some interesting Discord Servers to highlight to the press." Sent them Will's email.

    No news on swag, lady said I'd receive confirmation when stock was in, so assuming it still isn't.
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    I have a serious concern that committee is not responding to introduction threads by freshers pls fix

    Also be consistent at least, drop the dash and capitalisation
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    GMOD trouble in terrorist town or prophunt would be cool pls

    thank you I feel like my concerns are being taken into consideration

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