Minutes for Committee Meeting 4-10-17

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    Minutes for Committee Meeting
    Date: 4-10-17
    Time: 18.00 Meeting Started: 18.07
    Location: Library Group Study Room 4A
    Will Thorpe / @MrRibena – Chair
    Peter Smith / @BlueGandalf – Secretary
    Vinay Longia / @Vinnstar321 – Treasurer
    Jakub Holewik / @Akamatsu – Technical Officer
    Louis James / @Darkchaos – Vice Technical Officer
    Kareem Ahmed / @Kareem Ahmed – Gaming Officer
    Arya Aditya / @Arya – Vice Gaming Officer
    Anni Valkama / @astralberry – Events and Social Officer
    Edward Tickner / @ETicky – Media and Publicity Officer

    Previous Meeting Actions:

    Name Action Result
    Will (/Kareem/Peter) Draft the Risk assessment for the Vive and send to Kareem/Peter. Done. We were the first society to sign and complete our risk assessments – woo!
    Will/Edward Look into printing handouts, and print some. Done. We still have a lot spare, but they can still be distributed at console night to show our upcoming events and our social medias.
    Will/Edward/Louis Create some new banners for the society. Banner has been updated on all the social media, as has our discord splashscreen.
    Will/Vinay Visit JC’s to confirm Meet n Greet. Done.
    Will Visit the Village Bar to confirm and check the details for console night. A visit won’t be needed. Will received an email from Brett confirming all the details. It’s also £15 cheaper than we expected, which is always nice.
    Will Continue to talk with Barnie to iron out any potential collaborations. Ongoing. Belowed.
    Will/Edward Continue to advertise/spam Fresher’s groups and departmental groups Done in fresher’s, no departmental pages yet – Will to post in CompSci and Maths groups.
    Will/Kareem Talk to CompSci about a ‘collab’ of some sort. Not Done. Belowed.
    Will Talk with Fluff to organise Fresher’s LAN Van. Van timings have been organised and booked for Freshers LAN.
    Will/Vinay Chase up new Van driver training. Zack Pollard is getting trained in the next few weeks. Thanks, Zack!
    Will/Edward Look into getting sponsorships. Done. Talked about below for ease of reading.
    Will Look into getting the Union snapchat for Freshers LAN. Not done. Will to go see Sam about the snapchat.
    Kareem Decide what game to run for the 1st MNG. Make and publicise the event for it. Done.
    Kareem Continue to look for games for LANBox. Buy some. Not done. We’re waiting to have some money.
    Kareem Try out some more Vive games and see what the best ones are. Kareem has bought clips and pads for the Vive as well as Superhot VR. (£60 in total)
    Kareem/Arya Advertise and promote NUEL and its tournaments. Done (and ongoing). More detail below.
    Kareem Keep Alex Beaty informed of what he’s doing and when for PAT testing transport. Done.
    Kareem Make a grab list and plan for Console night. Done. Talked about below.
    Louis Make a presentation for Fresher’s LAN Belowed.
    Jakub Buy WAPs and try to make them work. Bought, but not tested yet – talked about in more detail below.
    Jakub Double check power diagram in JF for rows i/j. Power diagram is “mega-dodgy”. Jakub to create a new one.
    Vinay Make sure the NVA payment goes through. Done.
    Vinay Look into possibilities for the LAN breakfast. Done. Talked about below.
    Vinay Talk to Dominos to iron out a new deal. Not Done. Vinay will do closer to LAN.
    Vinay Start making a buy list for tuck shop. Put this on the forums Done. Vinay will release it to be checked by members.
    Any committee member Decide who is going to take charge of Fireside Gatherings and start putting a plan together for it. Done. Ed has a plan™ and it’s talked about more below.
    Any committee member Pick up Wetherspoons vouchers at Returner’s Steak Night. Done. These will be handed out at Steak Night on the 10th October
    Any Committee member Take laptops / chargers / tablets to PAT testing sessions. Done.
    Any committee member Advertise according to the advertising plan. Pretty much done according to plan. Kareem to post about NUEL on the Freshers page.
    Kareem/Jakub/Will Continue updating gaming asset list, tech and general/asset list aspects of the wiki respectively Jakub updates everything new into the Tech Handbook and Kareem is done. Will to add a few things to the wiki. Botty and Shaq are both fully documented.
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    Internal Statement: £919.55
    Paypal: £9.60
    Not Money: £198.23
    • Vinay to put a bit of Not Money into internal.
    • Old pound coins are about to go out of circulation, so using them at LANs is not advised.
    We will have stash available just after Freshers LAN, and it will be open through November LAN. Vinay to organise.

    Grant Paybacks
    Vinay has the forms ready, Jakub and Kareem to fill them out.

    Tech Stuff

    These need testing – preferably in a place with Ethernet, but no Wifi. Jakub to test at home with router set to modem mode.

    Certificate renewed itself, but didn’t reset the system, so Jakub wasn’t notified.
    Gaming Stuff

    • Many people are interested in joining our potential teams, each Facebook group with at least 25 people, which is fantastic. Within each, people are starting to organise things by themselves, and Kareem/we will continue to provide support where needed. Kareem to make sure teams and such are sorted over the next few days.
    • Kareem plans to ask everyone to put out their gamertag, rank, roles/mains, any experience they have, and whether they want to play more casually/competitively.
    • Formats and Sign-ups have been made available. Kareem to copy info from the forums to the Facebook groups.
    Vive Games
    Kareem plans on buying Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for the Vive.

    LANBox Games
    Peter has a spare gamecode from Excalibur Games that he’s willing to donate to LANBox.

    Other Business
    George Storm / Potential Sponsorships
    • George Storm has reached out to us, asking whether we’d be interested in an overclocking demo/event/competition, with a chance for company sponsorship. There is also a possibility to have a look at liquid nitrogen storage. We are interested, and Will will continue to talk to George about this.
    • As Freshers LAN is busy and already a bit complex, we are thinking of aiming for November LAN to have this happen.
    Visitor Tickets
    • Visitor Tickets will not be in use at Freshers LAN. Whilst in concept there may be benefits to them, there has been disagreement from members, and so until we can change/improve the system, we won’t be doing Visitor Tickets. The topic will be brought up again after Freshers LAN.

    Sam Wallace & his custom PC

    • Sam would like to set up his custom-built PC at Freshers LAN, allowing him to advertise custom-built PCs and talk to people about them. None of committee have a problem with that. He can have a white table to set up on.

    Marrow Collab
    • We’ve been asked by Marrow if we’d like to do a collab. Due to a busy and fairly saturated few weeks, this won’t be happening for some time – current thoughts are to revisit the idea later on, perhaps for Charity LAN. Peter to reply to the email.
    Post Grad stuff
    • We were also asked whether we wanted to help a postgrad in her research. We would rather not, as our Facebook page hasn’t previously been used for advertisement/promotional purposes, and we want to keep it that way for the moment. Apologies. Peter to respond.

    Discord Clutter
    • There is an option to mess around with Discord's CSS files in order to change how it looks, however this is local to the machine you input it on, so unfortunately it would do nothing for us to 'add CSS to the server', as no one else would benefit from it.
    • To make the Server look a bit nicer, we would recommend collapsing all the possible categories if not needed.
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    Past Events
    • Very successful – we managed to get 271 sign-ups, of which 242 were valid entries. Our location within the bazaar was good, being on the end of a row, but not as good as last year.
    • The Student Activities Bazaar had more people than the Sports Bazaar for the first time! Woo [​IMG]
    • Average rating of GrenadeSpam/10, which is great! The thread is here, but it really was a successful MNG. We filled two servers completely, with a decent number of people in a third as well. Servers and any fixes were done quickly and they worked well.
    • Kareem will use his PC in the future to make servers for Source games, as they don’t work on potato.
    • We started MNG early, which was okay, but probably to be discouraged in the future. We’re also looking into streaming more of our MNGs through Twitch.
    Meet & Greet
    • There were loads of people, it was a great night – thanks to JCs for hosting us all night! A lot of stickers were used, and they all seem to have gone missing, so Peter to restock Sec Box.
    Future Events
    Console Night
    • Kareem has a plan for the layout of Console Night, as well as a comprehensive grab list for the driver.
    • We will have the Vive, a PS4, a PS3, a PS2, an xbox 360, a Wii U, a Switch, a Gamecube and a Laptop (for projected Jackbox games).
    • For committee reference, the driving plan is as follows:
    • From lecture ending at 4, Kareem, Peter and Alex/Josh but Jakub goes to storage (Jakub goes home). Take storage stuff to Village Bar and Peter waits outside with it. From village bar, driver goes to Kareem’s house. From Kareem’s we go to Will’s House. From there to the Village Bar.

    Fresher’s Steak Night
    • Peter to bring vouchers for Wetherspoons. Most committee will be at the fountain for Freshers, at 6.30pm. More details to be put out through social media.
    Laser Quest
    • Need to pay final payment on Tuesday. Travel will be split into two groups. The early group will be going for food beforehand, and will be taking the 6.15 bus. The late group will be going straight for the laser quest, and will be on the 8.07 bus. Both groups will be meeting outside McDonalds in town.
    Weekend Gaming
    • As it’s a busy period, this weekend will be nothing structured/overtly planned. It will be a chilled weekend where people are online and games are encouraged (pretty much a free weekend).
    Fireside Gatherings
    • Ed has taken the lead, and come up with a plan.
    • Each month, a brawl comes out specifically for Fireside Gatherings. We’re aiming to start running 2 month and see how it goes – the 1st one at the start of the month, to try out the new brawl, and the second one would be a bit more casual, maybe doing the brawl again, or just playing.
    • Our current plan is to use the Amber Rooms for these, and trial whether the internet there can handle the strain. Sometimes we also may run one of the sessions at a LAN as well, provided the WAPs work well.
    • The first Fireside Gathering will be the 17th October, at the Amber Rooms.

    • The last NVA event we ran was good fun, but it was a fairly large loss of money, as we didn’t get all the tickets sold. As our monetary situation isn’t fantastic at the moment, we will likely hold off doing an NVA event until either our situation changes, or we can find any discounts/deals, unfortunately.


    • Will to create a prize thread. Having tiered prizes is a good idea.
    Costume Contest

    • We will not be running a Costume Contest at Freshers LAN, unfortunately. We’re sorry to those of you who are disappointed, but we made this decision because Fresher’s LAN is already busy, in the past few years it hasn't attracted heaps of attention, and it isn't the best thing for Fresher’s to get them talking to everyone. As always, you can come to LAN wearing whatever you want.
    • Ed and Will spoke to the redbull rep at the Bazaar, and Redbull are happy to 'deck up with a ton' of Redbull, bringing a fridge full for Freshers LAN. Will explains it a bit better in the comments below.
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    Name Description Timeframe
    Will Pay Brett By Friday
    Will Go see Sam for Snapchat By Fresher's LAN
    Will Update the wiki Ongoing
    Will Carry on talking to George Storm Next few days
    Will Email upcoming events today [DONE]
    Will Make Prize thread Next few days
    Will Get in contact with DMU Next few weeks
    Will Put up forum for LAN and event up [DONE]
    Vinay Call Mcdonalds about Sunday trial By Fresher's LAN
    Vinay Call Dominos about deal By Freshers LAN
    Vinay Publish food list to members [DONE]
    Vinay Put some Not Money into Internal Over the next few weeks
    Vinay Organise Stash After Freshers LAN
    Kareem Promote NUEL on Freshers group [DONE]
    Kareem Copy info into NUEL groups Next few days
    Kareem Draft a NUEL Handbook Over the next few weeks
    Kareem Organise NUEL teams and signups By the Deadline.
    Kareem/Jakub Make a Grant Claim Next few days
    Kareem Organise MNG for the 9th October Next few days
    Edward Organise and promote Fireside Gatherings By 17th October
    Jakub Test WAPs Next few weeks
    Jakub Continue to document stuff in the Tech Handbook Ongoing
    Jakub Create a new Power Diagram By Freshers LAN
    Jakub Buy two switches Next few days
    Peter Reply to stuff Next few days
    Peter Restock Sec box Next few days
    Louis Add channel statistics to Botty Next few weeks

    Meeting Closed: 19.55
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    Okay I don't come across well in text but here's this week's bitching:

    First general complaint: things seem to being left until late. I could list a lot of things but that would be mean: simple easy things you can either pre-plan, pre-prepare, having ready should be ready over summer. You didn't discuss any fine points of LAN which leads me to believe that things like tournaments, the timetable, who's sitting where and doing what have been planned. Your month is jam packed and anything and everything you can get done early should be.

    The meeting's I've been in it doesn't seem like many things are decided you discuss things but don't often go into specifics of 'okay who's doing this, are you okay with doing this', pull up your timetables see when people are free etc. Last meeting's actions are assigned to 3 people, which often means no one does it and then Will does it last minute.

    No mention of @Hilt / @zackpollard 's Scalextric which they wanted to set up in a D block room. They asked Kareem and he said you'd talk about it in the meeting.

    You guys have stopped posting in the Official group, I'm not sure if you planned on doing it before Console Night so waited until now to ask, but you should definitely continue doing it. Remember peak time is ~6pm, any later people are out, any sooner they're in lectures.

    Not on Twitter, it's also still only me using it, at this point it kinda feels like you're not using it because I am. Change the password, delete it, whatever, but do something with it. If you're posting on Insta with less followers post on Twitter.

    It's not anything to do with Sam, contact R.L.Wilson@lboro.ac.uk or Digital@lboro.ac.uk, Rachel said she already contacted Will but had nothing back

    I'm assuming Vive games are being bought for the LSUCS Admin account and not Kareem's? Someone will own Keep Talking and you don't have much money, so I wouldn't spend it on something unless it's a Vive-only deal so no one else will have it

    Carmela didn't want liquid nitrogen anywhere near the building, I doubt she would have changed her mind but you can ask again

    Supposed to be a link?

    It's kinda a shame that you guys didn't follow the natural growth of the past few years, as you say more people came to Activities than Sport, suggesting this was one of the bigger bazaars. You were in a similar spot as two years ago, actually better placed, and got the same amount of sign ups with a Vive smack-bang in the middle of the aisle.

    A couple of things missing:
    • No overly obvious 'gaming' banners, we didn't look much like a videogame soc, sure the Vive is a 'console' as such, but that could just be accentuating the fact that Kareem has a beastly PC, and therefore 'COMPUTER' soc.
    • No gaming posters, I know you had some Samurai(??? unsure if correct word) but they didn't look overly gamey, you could have primed a poster or two the day before.
    • No sweets, or any freebies (idk lsucs stickers?). Okay, so the LSU said 'nothing from external companies' but you had chance to question that and double check what was and wasn't allowed. They aren't gonna ban sweets
    • I didn't see anyone roam, you guys were guarding the stall pretty closely. Not everyone who wanders past will approach if there's several committee and other people in the way, you gotta lure them over
    • You suffered from a lack of goodie bag / freebies ^ you didn't have anything to lure people over other than the VR, which isn't everyone's cup of tea in a room of people that's very sweaty
    • VR setup was chaotic. You should not have had that area taped out and it's horribly unfair on other societies who would have liked the same thing. (ie pole)
    • VR should have been setup sooner to iron out certain issues: problems with orientating the base station so the user faces it, problems with configuring it to an average height. Getting base stations correctly set up so the user can stand as close as possible to it and it still functions.
    • Not everyone was in stash

    Is this Waldie and Sam? Have you guys contacted anyone external?

    You said you'd discuss food to @areuwakeup but didn't?

    I honestly think game hubs is why you have so much action in Discord now, so very well done with those. In the old format people would just be getting drowned out in General.

    If you're worried about clutter then some of your channel choices is questionable

    You guys should be more active in Discord, I made a post for #bot and suddenly there were ~10 people assigning themselves roles. I @PUBG and suddenly we had 2 squads of 8. I'm not sure how you fix not playing some of the popular games, but those of you that do should take some time to encourage things happening.

    it's your decision but i don't agree with your reasoning whatsoever
    • Low attendance: had a quick look at the pictures there are maybe ~15 people in the quiz room, plus some off screen.
    • Fresher’s to get them talking to everyone: I had at least 5 people ask me for a photo, and even more ask me who I was. 15 people + whoever spoke to me is more than some tournaments, so let's bin them off too.
    • Fresher's LAN is busy: Costume contest is the MOST LOW EFFORT THING. You put a post up, you give it a prize or two, and find some oldies who are up for judging, I don't understand. It's a quick and easy laugh.
    if you don't want to do something then stick by your guns of 'we don't wanna do it so fuck off', don't write 'sorry LAN is busy and we CBA and here're some bullshit reasons'

    Fresher's LAN is supposed to be busy, it's fresher's LAN. So you're doing tournaments, the quiz, werewolves and the raffle. RAWs are doing DnD and Magic. What makes this LAN special and different? You've got 'Generic Fresher LAN' banner, and then in three weeks time are gonna have 'Generic Nov LAN banner' with nothing special again, if you stop doing something at least replace it by something else to spice things up. Once again, we're supposed to grow and improve as a society, if something doesn't work, do something else, don't just bin it off with a 'oh well we can't be arsed'.

    You're supposed to be impressing freshers, you want them to come back.

    rant over i'll happily do it myself
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    Sorry, I've been run off my feet the past couple of days - I'm in the process of writing up responses to each of your points, @SissyRabbit - but give me a day or so, so that I can give them the thought and time they deserve. Standby for more.
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    It's not just up to you Pete so don't worry :) some stuff is to keep in mind for all committee, especially with so many more fresher events coming up, you guys want everything at 100% to keep people on board for LAN.
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    Suggestion for the GM in Nov:

    Induct a new role designed to oversee all NUEL / esports within the society
    General Responsibilities:
    • To liaise with NUEL and any other University esports body to create opportunities for students to partake in and experience esports
    • To advertise any esport opportunities to the society, and encourage people to play, which may involve reaching out to people you think may be interested or assist in the forming of teams.
    • To control and admin the society's esport social media groups, and ensure esports has a presence in the Discord and on all LSUCS social media outlets.
    • To contact esport sponsorship bodies where applicable (i.e. if NUEL advertise opportunities within companies)
    • To facilitate esport 'trips', to things like ECS for CS:GO in London, and other esport events in the UK.
    • To run esport viewing parties across the year for popular tournament finals
    • LAN Responsibilities:
      • To assist the GO in creating competitive tournaments in popular esport games.
      • To facilitate tournaments and ensure they run smoothly and fairly.
      • If applicable, run an esports LSUCS league across the year, hosting LAN finals.
      • Encourage esport viewings within LAN, setting up areas for people to spectate.
    • Other uni's have both an EsportSoc and a VGSoc, to the detriment of the gaming focused society, I don't think both are entirely necessary, but do think at least one NUEL orientated person would give the society a boost.
    • Create a new NUEL role in the Discord, so that those that wish to compete but do not have an interest in anything else the society does can still have a presence in Discord, thus preventing a large number of people fragmenting off and creating their own space.
    • This means that LSUCS can envelope esports rather than be replaced by it.
    @Kareem Ahmed has done an amazing job with NUEL and his hard work can be seen in the number of sign ups we have, this will hopefully continue growing year on year, hence needing it's own role, especially as the GO has a lot of preplanning to do this time of the year.

    A NUEL Officer or w/e it ends up being called could be proposed this GM, and then properly written up and opened up as a position in the full elections in March. I'm not sure on proper constitution, but it seems like something that could be put to a vote at a GM to the member base, before being presented to the LSU. In chair's meetings the proposer (i.e. me) would stand up and go through the details, which I'll happily do if committee don't wish to.
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    What's the society getting in return for free advertisement at what should be the biggest event of the year? Are we just doing this out of the kindness of our heart?

    I'd also like to know details about the sponsorship you've looked at getting, there's a vast amount of external companies that would be interested I'm sure. I remember seeing a post about overclockers being interested, has anyone reached out to parvum? Aquatuning came a few years back, maybe speak to them again?
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    I think I advised reaching out to any externals who were sponsoring other GamingSocs, so hope that's what's been done. We do have some Riot stuff from NUEL on it's way, which should have been here a week or two ago but eh. I also requested Discord Hypesquad gear for LAN, but emailed them a week and a bit ago and got advised they were out of stock, so fingers crossed :c

    • Keele Uni (I think?) had a big fancy watercooled case given to them by Overclockers to display, which would be perfect for LAN where we used to have the old company tables near fuel.
    • I'm not sure if we still get Qwertee discount?
    • Keele also got sent stuff by 'Enhance Brand' peripherals, but were making a string of tweets and posts about it which we'd need to show we're good at, as in the past sponsors were forgotten about
    • CardsAgainstHumanity will send you things if you ask nicely, so we could maybe get some of the 'secret packs' they do?
    • Keyboard company, although we memed about getting 3billion nail files it was nice to have something to throw around LAN
    there's a long list somewhere of people who've given us things in the past who might again if contacted
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    I've been meaning to discuss this with him and I have both his and his companies details.

    Ed and I spoke with the red bull rep at bazaar and I've been messaging him since then about coming to Freshers LAN. The current plan is for him to "deck us out with a ton" of red bull, he should be bringing a fridge and everything.

    Other than that, not a lot. Once Freshers has died down I'll start looking at some of Abby's suggestions with Ed
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    There's no space in my username :D (and Storm isn't my last name :p)

    It was just an idea I thought I'd throw out again and see if there was interest. I don't have anything planned already for it etc, and as I mentioned to Will, health and safety etc will be the first and possibly biggest hurdle, but thought there was no harm in mentioning it again in a more formal way.

    Thought it might be a cool thing to make the LANs a bit more unique etc.

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